I have had an interest in photography for many years and have worked in film processing for the last 4 years. Although I mainly shoot on 135 & 120 Black & White films, I do occasionally shoot digital using my EOS30D (very definate Canon person) and plan to replace it with an EOS 5D MK I later this year.

I currently use an EOS 300 as my main camera and an EOS 10 for InfraRed film and would like to add an EOS 3 or 5 to the rosta, I also use various old box and bellows cameras for my 120 work.

I tend to find that I get more pleasure from deleloping my own photo's (by hand, not so much though the wet mini lab at work), I also enjoy taking photos with various home made pinhole cameras as I get the feel that the images are truly mine that way (although not always so sharp), I eventually intend to mix my own emulsion and chemicals to futher that feeling (although that may never get past an idea in my mind). I also intend to build a small shed to use as a full time dark room as I am currently relying too heavily on daylight processing drums and tanks.

Finally if anybody lives in the Thanet area I would be interested in any meetings/days out as I haven't really met that many people since I moved here last year.