My Hasselblad 501 doesn't have an exposure meter so I used my 35mm as one. Than I discovered that the exposure results between the two where different when I also shot some of the same film in the 35mm. So I checked it with another camera with a build in lightmeter and the metering was different.....

Does this mean I can't use my little nikon as a light meter for the Hasselblad?

BTW I used the SAME RELATIVE FOCAL lenght lenses on all camera's 80 on the hasselblad, 50 on the 35mm camera and 33,3 on the digital one. The apendeture was f/5.6 on all cameras. The cameras with lightmeters gave completely different shutterspeed advice. (it's a nkon FE and a digital D70 both set at matrix metering.)

I am back to film but it would be great to use the D70 as light meter for the 501, the D70 has a fairly nice spotmeter build in so I don't need to buy a lightmeter yet.