Just thought I would add some images of my pinhole camera and some of the shots I have gained from it so far.

The camera is made of stiff card and a cut out of a beer can for a lens. It takes a 4.5 x 3.5" negative on 5x4" paper, the paper compartment is thick enough to hold approx 25 sheets with a divider so exposed paper can be moved to the back. This is a simple design which enables me to take multiple large format pinhole images on one trip out and about using a small changing bag to move the paper to the back.

The images are below are taken on Ilford Multigrade IV RC 5x4" paper, then scanned and inverted in photoshop. I will be purchasing a pack of Harman Positive when I place my next order with ag.

Hopefully one day my wood work skills will improve enough for me to build an actual light tight wooden box!

Hope you enjoy

edit: Sorry about the quality of the picture of the camera, it was taken on my old phone last year.