I'm looking for an old portrait book from the 1930s or 1940s I would guess, but it could be later. I had a xeroxed copy years ago 25 years but have no idea where that is now. I'd like to find the book again.

It was written and illustrated how to pose the subject considering planes and lines of the body and how to correct for situations like a balding gent, male vs. female poses, and so on. Drop the forward shoulder and then turn the head this way or that... Sort of like the Joe Zeltsman website but earlier fashions and monochrome. I've never seen another book quite like it in terms of approach. It was more about posing than lighting. IIRC, there was a H&S shot of an older guy on the cover wearing a wool cap and taken from a high angle.

I know it wasn''t the following folks since I have their books already:

Charles Abel
William Mortenson
Walter Nurnberg

I think it may have been a book by Franklin Fraprie or Stanley Jordan from what I can glean off Amazon. If anyone has books by them does my description sound familiar? Could you scan and post the cover or a few pages please? Ditto if it may be someone else.