Hi Mahler.
I'm supposed to do toning to make it warm tone well.
but selenium toning improve the strings.
if I use the paper and this toning technique, it must be beautiful.
and I found the article written by Dr. Tim Rudman.
it is so helpfulthank you for your help.

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I have used Ilford MG developer with great results. When I desire a slightly warmer tone I use Moersch Sepia Developer. I like the color of the paper as is, and hence I tone for permanence without a conscious effort to change the color of either the image or the paper. As Bob and Ian have inferred, use the paper with developer and toners so as to achieve the results that you desire. No way to know what various combinations will "achieve" until you do "your own thing" with your own negatives. Goggle the article on Multigrade Art 300 that was written recently by Dr. Tim Rudman. Lots of information about toning, color, etc., etc.