Not difficult , but if you use the formula I do pretty stinky so you need a well ventilated area.
For me toning is the last stage of a beautiful process where not only the visual tone is changed to a look you
like but as well the toning stage seems to impart a slight pop to the image which makes the print kind of jump out
at you when viewing.
For all my work { personal and client} that is slated for walls , I prefer to tone. Sometimes its just selenium toner , other times its
sepia and selenium or other toners combined.

This process is very hard to describe and as some point out Tim Rudman has great books on the subject, but I should point out
Eddie Ephrams has two wonderful books, Creative Elements and Gradient Light that I think are superb on the topic of printing and toning.

If you are located in an area where photochemicals are hard to get then I would suggest mixing from scratch and there are some real experts here on APUG that have helped me over the years with formulas.

have fun.

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Hi Bob.
i get it. you do bleach and tone. it must be beautiful.
but also it sounds complicated and difficult.
I'll try it one day after I make beautiful normal print.
thank you