Couple of weeks ago, I was shooting outdoors (downtown Chicago) with an 8x10 inch Cambo Legend monorail view camera on a huge tripod. Got the ITAH question.
A few years ago, shooting with a 4x5 inch Cambo monorail, an older Chicago cop asked me if that were a Deardorff (although he mispronounced it). Seems they were taught how to use them when he was at the police academy long ago.
In general, I am very patient with politely-asked questions, in order to teach people that cameras are not black boxes built by elves in foreign countries and that film can still be purchased retail by those who are not satisfied with cell-phone photos. When looking at my ground glass, almost everyone is surprised that the image is inverted, and I tell them that is true in their digital camera or 35mm, as well, but that Walgreens turns the print around for the customer.