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i want to see how can i push a film say Tri-X400 to 800 or even TMAX400 to 800, Also would like to know how to shoot Delta 3200 for 1000-1600 speed, i avoid to shoot indoor with low light because i don't want to go above 800 or 1000, with color it is so easy, i did shoot Portra 800 and got nice results, i don't process color films at all.
FWIW Delta 3200 rated at 800 looks really neat in Rodinal 1+25.

The best way to understand what a given film-developer combination will give you at a given EI is to test it yourself and print the results, if a darkroom is available to you. You will find development times for different EIs in most developer/film datasheets. I could describe you my favourite film and developer in glowing terms, yet you might easily find it's not your cup of tea.