Well, it is all dependable on the look i want so i have to do some tests to come out with the results.

In fact, the only films i was looking to do push and pull with are specific even i can do with all films, in fact i just shoot the film at box speed after giving my light meter and dig.... camera some readings and do shots, i did print once one frame from a roll i liked, no push or pull, the print came out amazing and the details were incredible [TMAX400], so in most cases if i feel myself i have to compensate the exposure on film i will learn when i should push and pull due to the lighting is there, mostly on those low light or so high contrast lighting i really don't care about the look, all what i look for is to get the shot, better have shots with some details than damaging details in shadows and highlights, God gifted us with film latitude.

So what are good developers are most popular for those push/pull process? For now i only know about the Diafine, i heard HC-110 from you, what else?