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Why not? Every other format has a version of this question! This thread should have been started a long time ago.

I just received a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera. The shutter works, it has the 620 spool and most of the original box. No scratches, chips, or cracks. The lens is clean and has no marks. Now I have to figure out how to clean the mold off the outside of the body.

I've recently acquired 5 Brownie Hawkeyes! Although two are parts cameras used to refurb the other three.

And I dont know if they are actually considered toys or not but I also received another Certo Phot box camera. This one came with the original box and manual so its extra special. I haven't put a roll through it yet, but plan to soon. My other Certo Phot that I bought here on APUG is awesome though!

Also, do you know how to find out the age of your Brownie? Use the YXXX code on the bottom of the shutter piece.