I just spoke to the prospective trader. The lot includes the Omega enlarger with the 3 Rodenstock lenses on a turret (as expected), an Esco analog color analyzer (I have never used a color analyzer) what is it for? Is it a kind of exposure meter for printing?, the camera is:

An S&K View Camera made by Shiro Photo Company, Osaka, Japan. It's a monorail, and it looks a lot like the Calumet cameras we used in school. I'm not very educated on view cameras, so they all kind of look alike to me. It's a monorail, so it's not very portable. Obviously you can still take it with you onto location, and I plan to do that. A Walker camera would be fantastic, maybe later.

The lenses are a Scheinder Symmar 210mm f/5.6 with Copal #1 shutter (convertible to 370mm f/12 by removing rear element) and a Kodak Wide Field Ektar 100mm f/6.3.

Here are the photos of the equipment: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/5487...a983#gallery:0

I know very little about this stuff (the lenses I assume are high quality, but the camera I am less sure of). Thanks for any input.