Seele, the camera and lens were signficantly less expensive than renting a Nikon for a week. I simply wanted to see for myself. I will be doing a 50mm comparison as I have both AF and MF Minolta lenses. I wanted to have access to lenses that I can't afford with a Minolta system. Can't rent Minolta G glass here in Minneapolis, but do have access to rentals from both Canon and Nikon. So if I have a body that I am familiar with, renting a lens will be only a minor expense. Ex. I am driving out to New Mexico this summer for a week. I thought it might be nice to have an ultra wide for scenics. The Minolta would cost me more than $600 but I could rent a Nikon for perhaps $75. Don't get me wrong, I love the Minolta glass I have but sometimes I can't get my job done with what I have to use.