uh, so far as I know the meter on an F2 doesn't use AI, but am happy to be proven wrong. If the "A" type does, and works on an F2, consider myself corrected.

Having said that: One thing to keep in mind is Nikon meter heads for F2 cameras are all old, very old, 30-plus years at least, and the parts in them that adjust the meter's electrical power to light do not age well. Some sort of variable resistance ring, or something, I'm not sure.

But these heads do not have a good reputation for working well lo these many decades later. It is entirely possible that your meter head is simply not working correctly. I have one and it was so erratic -- it would work in dim light, but not bright, or was all over the map in both, or neither -- I finally gave up and bought a plain meterless-prism and an external meter.

Most people who have photomic heads now leave the battery out because of this. It's a fine prism. That and the sunny 16 rule will take you far.