If you want great image quality and you want to be able to put it in your pocket there aren't that many cameras that fit the bill. I disagree on the XA and the Yashica T4 and the other second tier P&S's. I don't think the lenses are all that stellar. The lens on the T4 for example is contrasty but not all that sharp when you get into the negative. The images just don't hold up upon enlargement unfortunately. I personally would pass on the Rollei 35 if you don't want your pants to fall down. It is pretty heavy. The miniature Minoxes are fun to use as a novelty (I have one and am probably going to buy a slitter for it) but seriously lack in picture quality unless you are only looking to print 4x6's. The Ricoh GR1 is thin enough to put it in your jeans pocket and the lens is absolutely top notch. Until it died I used it instead of buying a 28mm for my Leica. The lens is that good. It is probably the best all around pocketable camera. I don't want to blow hundreds on a pocket camera again so after a lot of looking I decided to give the Minox 35 a try. I have one coming.