Apparently, Leica are launching a new "M" digi companion to the M9, but for black & white only! It is in recognition of the "huge increase in popularity of black & white amongst photographers" according to their spokesperson..Now I'm mystified......Do not the powers that be at Leica, realise that the noticeable rise in popularity of the black & white medium, is because of photographers returning to film photography, after becoming disillousioned with the built in obselesence of digital equipment?

To cap it all, Leica are marketing this new "black & white only" M9 at a price in excess of 6,000!.......If only they listened to their rangefinder enthusiasts, they would probably realise they'd be better served by launching an update of the M2 at a (for Leica) reasonable price.

Or are they perhaps turning out cameras primarily for collectors and Russian Oligarcs these days?