Go ahead and print your pictures the way you think looks best. Just be on the lookout for reversed text and similar things. I have seen pictures where text is reversed but 90% of the people still don't notice.

The only possible drawback is that the base side of the film will be toward the paper instead of the emulsion side. You might see a slight loss of sharpness because of that.
Even then, 99% of the people would never notice.

For reference, film projectors in movie theaters operate with the base side toward the screen.
This is because most release prints of movies are made by contact printing film on film.
Not only does the great majority of people not notice the difference, most of them think that's the way things should be.

Since a photo enlarger is just a projector, I propose the same applies to photography.
If you can flip the film in a movie projector without anybody noticing, you can flip the film in an enlarger and nobody will notice.
You would probably need to magnify the image to extreme sizes to notice the difference.

I only bring this up so you are aware of it but, even if you do notice a difference, chances are that you would be the only one who does.