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What is the best developer to enhance micro-contrast without altering (too much) the macro contrast ? (I use "classical" films, HP5+ or FP4+)

High-acutance developers are known to degrade micro-contrast, but what else ?
You are right, a high acutance developer will increase the micro-contrast, using the edge effect. This will give a higher perceived sharpness. However, it will degrade the image quality. In 35 mm you really need the increase in micro-contrast, using the edge effect. But in 4x5" , you are better off without the edge effects. At least, many people don't like them. And you don 't need them. With 4x5" , I use a High Definition developer. With 35 mm I would use a High acutance developer. With medium format: it depends. A couple of years ago I published Higd Definition ( catechol and pyrogallol) developers on the APUG site.