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And what's up with that anyway? It's cheaper than almost any other film in 120. The only thing I know of less expensive is Freestyle Arista branded Foma. Yet Acros is one of the most expensive sheet films. It's $2 a sheet from Freestyle, granted usually expensive for film, but it's very nearly as much from B&H ($35.50/20 sheets - almost as much as Velvia at $42.95.) The only black and white sheet film I can even find that costs more than Acros is IR, and that not by much.
Yeah, it's odd and frustrating. I suspect that small batch sizes (different base thickness) might be to blame - for some reason they have an efficiency with the 120 film that doesn't translate to the same emulsions in LF. You have no idea how much I want to buy Reala in 4x5.

IR820 is under $1/sheet therefore far cheaper than Acros. Even FP4 is still $1/sheet; if Acros could match that then I'd buy up on it instead of Fomapan but at $1.77 they're not selling me any.

And hey, if there are any manufacturers reading this thread, quit it with the bullshit 10-20 sheet packs, or at least make 100's an OPTION for the market and give a decent discount. I don't want to pay for cardboard, I want to pay for film!

And wtf is with all C41 in LF costing stupid money now? I can buy and develop Velvia or Astia for less than I can buy Ektar or god forbid, Portra.