hi bill

the navy used sea water as a wash-aid to rinse out the fixer, the sulphites in the water grabbed the silver ions
and dragged it out of the film and paper and rinse solution. perma wash, fix remover &c are offshoots of
the seawater-thing the navy did ( or so i have been told).

there is a person on flickr who makes a super saturated salt solutions and claims+shows that over extended time
it will fix his film. ( hours and days not minutes ).
it makes sense seeing talbot used a super saturated solution to remove residual silver from his talbotypes, and since
a super saturated salt solution can also precipitate silver from a fixer solution when mixed into it.
( hypo chek is a salt solution .. kindasorta ).
when i get around to it, i hope to see if i can somehow fix or stabilize my lumen prints using salt water ..
( mortons table salt ) and maybe if i can find it cheap enough, sea salt since it has other "stuff" in it.
but i think that it will just turn the paper white, like regular old fix ...