Hi all;

I just now tested the batch #1049 and #1052 the current on the shelf batch.
Mixed as directed by instrcution sheet, except did not use distilled H2O, I used our well water.

The way that fix is tested at the Formulary for its activity, is as follows, and this is how it was done just a few minutes ago.

Get a roll of TriX film. Pull about 3 inches and cut from canister, Set timer, Emerse film strip in working solution fix. Agitate first 30 seconds,
Watch film to see how long it takes to clear, when clear record time it took.

Today it took one minute and fifteen seconds to clear. For proper fix time please double clearing time. 2 1/2 min.
Our instructions say 3-4. Working solution was only 54 degrees F.

Please if any body has any TF-4 or TF-5 that does not fit the above parameters, PLEASE ADVISE ME.
I will refund your money, I will replace any defective product, we have been here doing this 34 years, we will make it right for you, but only if you tell US.
Sorry TF-5 does not take 30 minutes to clear.
Please send me a sample of the product you are using so we can do the above simple test here and find out what mite possibly be wrong. But only if you tell me and let me help you solve it.

Now we have Photo Engineer's blood pressure up and what good does that do?

Best to all and do it in the dark