Haven't been on line for a while, but back on the track. I agree with Sander on at least two points: (1) yes, jglass your uploded image (say something about ther contact sheet later), as well as Sanders pictures, shows the typical kind of "vertical-run-120-film-developing-desease" I talked about (if the 120 film runs horizontal in the camera, you are not perhaps so disturbed by a too light sky and a foreground that needs some burning in, but when the sun comes both from right and left it's another thing and the developing problem obviouis!). (2) Surprised that this developing problem in not more discussed! (One of the very best and well known Swedish photographer, Hans Gedda, once publiced a book (most pictures made with his H-blad camera) and several of the pictures had this problem; probably the printing system raised the contrast such that the problem was more obvious compared tho his original prints, but the problem was there all the time)

Looking att your contact sheet, jglass, something about picture #8 and# 9 (assuming that the last raw is #10, 11, 12) has a very sharp light/dark thing going at the right side (assuming you rotate the sheet properly, otherwise at the bottom). That thing doesn't look like this kind of developing problem, nor light leek of the kind Sirius Glass exactly described; some other kind of light leek, in any case not what I called the "vertical-run-120-film-developing-desease" – though the developing problem has of course nothing to do with the fact that the film is running vertical in the camera, just that if it does, the problem is easier to see, and more disturbing!