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I have come across a flea market find for $10 and wonder if anyone has any info on this camera. It says "Brownie Starflex Camera" "Dakon lens" and has options for shooting color or b/w. There is notation that says use 127 film??

If anyone has any knowledge or info on this camera, please share. I would love to try it out. Thanks a lot. Karen
Karen -

I was surprise to find out that my local photo shop (Camera Co/op) regularly stocks 127 film, the macophoto B&W I think. Not to take anything away from J&C, they're great, but I expect there's someone in Philly that stocks it if you just want to buy one roll to check out the camera first. Look for the stores that cater to us neanderthal types - not so much the big guys with windows full of new digi-cams, they're not likely to bother with something with such a limited market as 127.