My thanks to the APUGers that have bought copies of my book.

“Making KODAK Film” Errata
May 22, 2012
Copies of the book are available for sale from me but the book is out-of-print. I have no plans for printing more copies. Books have been purchased by individuals and prestigious institutions in over thirty counties so my goal of documenting the film manufacturing process for posterity has been accomplished.

I apologize for the four typographical errors in the book. I am happy to report that no errors regarding the information in the book have been reported to me.

The corrections that are underlined or described below address all the errors that I am aware of:

Page 9, Figure 4.
“Fast Cyan (Red Sensitive)
Mid Cyan
Slow Cyan”

Page 46, Figure 81. Should be: “2. Coater #1.”

Page 89, Appendix A:
“EKTACHROME Duplicating Film
The films should be on separate lines.

Page 90, Figure 159. 3rd line from bottom.
Should be: “3xxx 16mm” Omit the 4th x.


Robert L. Shanebrook