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Strobist lighting actually works exactly the same for film.

Any given set of exposure settings, in any given lighting situation, will get very similar responses in A or D.

The difference is film simply not having instant review. That's not a required element.
Yep...and it still has the same limitations. I finally gave up on using hotshoe flashes outdoors for anything other than fill...it just always seemed like there was never enough power. Now I've got a pair of Norman 200b packs with a big custom battery that will give up to 400 w/s if you use both heads. At some point I'd like to pick up an Einstein and a Vagabond Mini Lithium for location work. The Normans work fine, but an Einstein would be a little less to pack around and have more power (and the Normans only have 3 stops of adjustment).
Oh, and if anyone ever plans on using an inverter plugged into the car, make sure you get a pure sine wave inverter...a standard one can fry your flash.