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Yeah, it's odd and frustrating. I suspect that small batch sizes (different base thickness) might be to blame - for some reason they have an efficiency with the 120 film that doesn't translate to the same emulsions in LF. You have no idea how much I want to buy Reala in 4x5.

IR820 is under $1/sheet therefore far cheaper than Acros. Even FP4 is still $1/sheet; if Acros could match that then I'd buy up on it instead of Fomapan but at $1.77 they're not selling me any.

And hey, if there are any manufacturers reading this thread, quit it with the bullshit 10-20 sheet packs, or at least make 100's an OPTION for the market and give a decent discount. I don't want to pay for cardboard, I want to pay for film!

And wtf is with all C41 in LF costing stupid money now? I can buy and develop Velvia or Astia for less than I can buy Ektar or god forbid, Portra.
IR820 is not as bad but the Aura version is over $4 a sheet. That was my comparison for saying the only B&W film I could find that cost more was infrared:


For that matter even the non-Aura is over $2 a sheet at B&H. I didn't shop the whole 'net for the best price around:


As for what's up with LF C-41, in one word, Kodak. If we could get Fuji C41 in sheets in the US it would probably be more in line with E6. Kodak prices have gone up to silly levels with the bankruptcy, like the kid trying to charge $500 for a glass of lemonade who knows he won't get many customers but figures he only needs one. I've been of the shrug it off mentality for most film price increases in 35mm and 120 especially because I have little enough time to shoot and work in the darkroom that expense isn't a big concern at this point - I just don't have time to challenge my budget that much even at today's prices. I'll still buy 35mm and 120 Tri-X. Heck, I buy 120 Delta 3200 and that isn't cheap either. But in 4x5 they've gotten so silly I'm about to dismiss my love affair with TMY-2 and just go to HP5+. I got into LF after TMX/TMY came out and sad to say never shot TXP. I'd like to get a box to try while I can, but I'm kind of afraid I'd like it.