Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm attempting to produce Pt/Pd prints using B&S chemistry with the Herschel linen paper from Ruscombe, but I'm struggling with buckling.

With Arches Platine 1 drop of sensitizer covered around 2.5 square inches, so 20 would be fine for an 8x6 and that's what I've been trying. You know when the tide goes out and you get that lovely rippled effect on the sand as it dries out? That's what my paper ends up looking like, so when I stick it in my homemade vacuum press for a 6.25 minute exposure I get out of focus areas the size and shape of my finger across the print.

I'm getting this even when I tape the paper on all 4 sides before coating, so my next experiment was going to be to pre-soak the paper in warm water and then gum/tape it to some aluminium, let it dry, then try coating it.

The thing is, enough people have recommended Herschel online without mentioning the issue I'm getting for me to think I'm missing some fundementally obvious point and I should prepare my soul for some royal abuse for posting my woes.

Any guidance - spiritual or otherwise - would be most appreciated.