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X2. I love mine...

Funny story--I took this thing to a local historical event to shoot a few snaps...everyone was looking at me like I had three heads. Even the people dressed up like it was 1890 were looking at me like I was crazy LOL. Weirdest thing. Wonderful camera though, and the IQ is outstanding.
That's odd. I took my Yashicamat 124 to a steampunk convention and got oodles of nothing but compliments. Shot some Delta 3200 indoors with it too, which I still need to develop.

For coolest this:

Astrophotography Cold Cameras

Out of smarass made, pretty much any TLR, judging from the comments I get on the Yashica. People are interested in the Mamiya 645, just think I'm an old film fart with my 35mm gear, and are really puzzled by the Linhof 4x5, but they all seem to instantly love the TLR.