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I haven't used anything but D-76... But john, you should make a stronger statement for caffenol. Especially since you have the examples to show what it can do.

This would be valuable as an eye-opener. See how little it takes to make a developer, this will open the student's minds.

thanks bill !

caffenol c is, as long as you have the right ingredients, a simple, useful developer that compared to a lot of
developers is made of benign ingredients. its a lot of fun to use, can be made without a lot of scaling / measuring out
of the ingredients ( i don't measure anything for the most part i just free-pour the ingredients ). it yields negatives
that look grainy and stainy sometimes, and other times like they were souped in d76... not much of a downside
(other than what some refer to as an evil stench ). i haven't done it in a while, but you can just soak the film in the coffee
without any of the other ingredients, it takes a while and it works !