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I was going to say "Freestyle" but they just doubled (!) their price. It was $45/50 a month ago and now it's $54/25. Glad I bought 4 boxes last year.

Fuji 160NS... GBP70 for 20 sheets vs GBP60 for RDP at the same store. If Fuji would sell it in the US, I could probably get it for $40/box from B&H and be happy, but no. Maybe I should just shoot 6x12 colour.

Indeed. I have a box of TMY2 (got in at $60/January) but it'll probably be my last since the cheaper options are much more viable in LF. I'd prefer to shoot TMY+Acros but not at 2.5x the price.

When do we get Pan-F or Delta-400 in 4x5, eh? I love Pan-F in 6x7 and have been substituting it for Efke-25 in 4x5 and I'm sure D400 would make a great TMY replacement in 4x5.
I have an almost full box of 100 sheets of 4x5 Delta 400 in the freezer. I did shoot a few sheets back in the 90s when it was available. In spite of warnings about freezing film after opening (which I hadn't read at the time) I've done this successfully before. I need to try it and see how it does. I like TMY-2 slightly better but the differences are mainly in grain and I don't care about that in 4x5. If I could get Delta 400 at HP5+ price I'd dump TMY-2. For that matter and while we're wishing, I'll wish yet again for XP2 Super in 4x5.

I do pretty much exactly that for color - I shoot 120 in a 6x7 rollfilm back on my Linhof. The biggest problem with that is my shortest lens is a 90 so I'm limited to normal or longer. If I need wide, I have to shoot sheets (or get a shorter lens, but with the Tech III that might become problematic too.)