By way of an update.....

Well, I decided to sleep on this last night.

Firstly, this may be down to ignorance on my part but the fungus, while slight is making me paranoid.....I have all manner of fantastic pristine glass in my M kit and I don't really want this stuff in the same house!!!

I am not a dealer, in fact I find it hard to part with anything camera related even when I have promised too do so!!!! However today I contacted a dealer I know.

I am keeping the Version I 35mm Summicron f/2 (Still needs a CLA) the Hood and filters. Plus the working M Meter. The rest I am letting go for the price I paid. At the end of the day I want to take photographs not get bogged down in this side of things. It's been fun and I have a great lens out of this little adventure. I probably wont get a find like that ever again.......

Thanks for the comments and feedback