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Hi sunsesame,

I did all of my research on Yashica Electro 35s here: http://www.yashica-guy.com/ You should find pretty much everything you want to know about them there and, of course, there are many people here who use them who can answer anything you might not be able to find.
I have an Electro 35 GSN - I'm almost certain that all of the Electro 35s were aperture priority, although it's been a while since I did my rangefinder hunting, so don't quote me on that Finding an aperture priority camera isn't hard, it's finding one with full manual control that I had trouble with. Mine doesn't have that and you are right in that it tops out at 1000 ISO and 1/500th is its fastest speed and will meter down to 30 seconds, with bulb also. From the look of it, your CC's lowest metered speed is 15 seconds and the maximum ISO is 500.
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Looks like if im going to go with a Yashica.. a GSN is the way to go!