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As Jason says, the Electros aren't small. I used to have one and couldn't get on with the size/weight or ergonomics. A compact SLR - Pentax ME/MX, or Olympys OM, for example - is smaller. Lots of people swear by them, though. A lot of the more compact 70s rangefinders are shutter priority or program mode only, unfortunately.

Have you seen: http://www.cameraquest.com/com35s.htm
Yes this is the main problem I had. Other rangefinders may be smaller, however they do not have aperture priority. The Yashica does pretty much meet all my needs, and I'm willing to sacrifice a bit more bulk for that. Currently I have a 5D and a FM2, so hopefully it won't be as bulky and heavy as those!

And yes, I did take a look at cameraquest. It is really fantastic!