Hello, all, I'm looking for some guidance on rates to charge for my work.

I have been asked by a coworker to take family photos. This person also wants to purchase a wet print from a photo I already took.

I've never been a commercial photographer ... I'm a journalist (actually a writer) but I do have some background in documentary photography. This person has easy access to a half-dozen of the digital Facebook-based "professional photographers" that seem to keep cropping up. I'm friends/aquainted with some of the aforementioned photographers although I rarely if ever opine about their "work."

The point is that this person came to be because she likes the look of my work, and the quality of traditional b&w work.

She wants two 5x7 prints of the one photo.

She also wants me to photograph her family.

I'm excited about doing something different and possibly capturing some return on my investment in gear. But I don't know a fair price to charge. I told her it would likely cost more than going to one of the aforementioned "photographers," because of the time and materials required.

Off the top of my head, I was thinking $200 for the "photoshoot," during which I plan to use no more than two rolls of film / 72 exposures. Then I would process and scan at high res and provide a CD. Prints would be extra ... and I was thinking $20 / 5x7 print.

Does this sound fair? Am I cheating her or selling myself short?

Any guidance is appreciated, even if you don't have definitive answers (who ever does.)