Hey everyone!

My name is Tom and I live in Central PA (USA). My girlfriend and I recently started working together as wedding photographers but on our free time we enjoy shooting fashion, beauty & portraits.
I've just recently started shooting film and it's been a BLAST. It's merely a personal interest but I would love to eventually mix it into my paid gigs.

I picked up an EOS-1V locally on a trade and just received a PB-E2 grip from KEH (wow this camera is HEAVY, lol)
I think the 1V is great since I can use all of my L lenses but I've been really considering a Mamiya 645D or Contax 645 (also found locally), I'm just not sure if I'm ready to invest that type of money into this new venture of mine.

I've been shooting Kodak BW400CN since I can get it developed locally but I just placed an order for a bunch of other random films.

Tri-x 400 35mm
Portra 400 35mm
Ilford HP5+ 400 35mm
Kodak Ektar 100 35mm
Kodak Ektar 100 120

My friends gandfather recently gave me a bunch of old cameras; Praktica with waist level view finder, Polaroid Land Camera Electric-Eye 900 and a Kodak Tourist. I plan on modifying 120 to use in the Kodak Tourist, so that should be fun.

Digitally I shoot with a 5D Mark III (upgraded from a Mark II).

PS: Are there any sites that show different stocks of film and perhaps what they look like when under/over exposed? It seems some film looks better when pushed/pulled and I have no clue what those might be.