Welcome aboard Tom. Glad you decided to give film a try. The 1V is a really nice rig for 35mm for sure. If you want to move up to medium format with a 645 you will probably love the mamyia or the contax. Medium format is so much nicer than 35mm or your 5D III. It's a different shooting style but the results are amazing.

For film "looks" there are as many as there are Photoshop techniques. It can go on forever, esp with BW film. For color c-41 negative film try shooting one roll at different exposures so you can see what happens. I typically over expose all color neg by +2/3 to +1 stop over exposed. Highlights won't blow out with color neg film. Over exposing will brighten and open up the shadows and saturates the colors a bit. It looks great but you will have to figure out what you like by doing your own leg work.

Good luck and keep film alive!