I've been badly remiss in not commenting on the wonderful cards I’ve received since commenting on the first 7 I received. My apologies.

Anyways here are the photographers, the Titles (either supplied, or guessed at by me) and my comments respecting the cards most recently received by me from 19 further exchange participants:

ChristopherCoy - "Chank-A-Chank" - Christopher wasn't on my list, but he offered to send me a card anyways, and I'm glad he did. A very nice print of an interesting and (from my perspective) exotic subject. Thanks Christopher
bluejeh2 - "North of Merrit" - It was very interesting to receive the postcards from bluejeh and bluejeh2, because I had a chance to observe firsthand some of their creative process in bringing them to fruition. I do like this result
bluejeh - "Coffee Carafe" - I tried to convince bluejeh to go for an easy negative to print, but she insisted on this very interesting one instead . Good choice - the result is excellent
Nige - "View from the front Veranda - 1980" - Nige made a good choice when he retrieved this negative from his archives. I like the print as well
Trond - "Bird" - Just slightly unsettling - stark and well printed
megzdad81 - "Window Detail, Miner Shack, Bodie, California" - While there is no clear indication who sent this card, it did come from Tennessee. I am guessing this is from megzdad81, not guitstik. because while both are from Tennessee, I am able to identify guitstik's card, because guitstik signed his. This card is a very nice card, and the photographer ought to be recognized for it
markbarendt - "Oahu North Shore" - Interesting - reminds me of a postcard from the 1960s
George Nova Scotia - "Daylily" - "Duck Duck Goose" - "CATV Tower" - Three homages to Kodak that also bring back memories for me. I like all three, but Daylily particularly made me smile, no doubt because my very first contact prints were most likely made on Velox, even if the Velox I used then was probably 15 or so years younger then George's paper
ccross - "Canopy of Leaves" - The pattern entrances and the print glows
Kc2edh - "Strength of Irene" - A dramatic scene and an old-fashioned print
crispinuk - "Ginger Flower" - I really like the inky black background and sculptural form of the subject
Black Dog - "Magic" - Intriguing and slightly mysterious
Derek Lofgreen - "Laura Arch" - Striking and strikingly printed as well
hoffy - "Ford Falcon" - Abstract and colourful too! I like it, although for a moment I thought I had received a card from a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan
andrew.vartabedian - "Exposed Valve Spring" - Great use of selective focus
Oxleyroad - "Termite Maze" - Intriguing patterns and shapes, printed with deep blacks and wonderful contrast
rst - "Pinhole Workbench" - Rüdiger sends the most interesting cards. And the print is wonderful
markrewald - "Red Dancers" - Striking colour from an interesting "Redscale" workflow. It is always nice to get a jolt of colour in the mail
drpsilver - "Me, The Bean, Chicago" - Hey - I recognize that photographer!. An innovative viewpoint that made me smile.

Thanks all - this as always has been great fun. I’ve received in total *26 cards and look forward to receiving the remaining three (Jon King, jackie_like_the_chan, tj01).