Yes, the presence of a sequestering agent was found out the hard way. I have hard water (Philadelphia) and I got cloudiness for my trouble in mixing up some D-72. Adding the sequestering agent AFTER the fact does no good. You must START with good water if you wish to mix from scratch, either distilled or properly treated with a sequestering agent (like sodium tetraphosphate or sodium hexametaphosphate or others). THAT will (excuse my lack of chemistry knowledge) keep the calcium from interacting with the carbonate by keeping it in a 'prison' of sorts by binding it in a ring! (CHELATING).

But, in addition, Kodak says that the capacity of Dektol is slightly greater than is D-72 so the developer component must be enhanced. I do not know what else they have done because the oxidation propensity is not, in my opinion, improved with Dektol. - David Lyga