There is a fascinating thread running right now about the validity of the zone system. It made me humble. I have never learned it in great depth and what ever I was able to pick up here and there seems not sufficient enough to get consistent results of images with rich range of gray tones and with a wide enough dynamic range. The way I expose today is 2-3 stops above darkest shadow. Terms like “place the shadow in 3rd zone” is not something I know how to do neither I know to distinguish or to meter luminosity compared to measure exposure/light. Needless to say there are few other terms mentioned in that thread that were new to me.

What I am asking really is help in learning about all those fascinating techniques. Being somewhat dyslectic I know that reading books like Ansel Adam’s and other is something I would rather not do at the moment but any advice that will include explanation or referral to texts on the net will be most appreciated.

Since this is my first display (of ignorance) on this forum few words about my photographic interest. I used to shoot digital till I got dissatisfied with the minimal and repetitive involvement associated with the process of the photographic digital doing. Bought a more tha a year ago a medium format camera and started to use it exclusively (there is a little film shooting and printing in my background - decades ago). Currently I am scanning all images with Epson 4870 (far from ideal) and using Photoshop to process them. I see somewhat of discrepancy between the idea of work with film and the use of PS “shadow & highlight” adjustment. I am planning in the very near future to venture back into wet lab and start explore large format photography