Dektol evolved from a 2 part developer packaged in cans or jars. to a 1 part developer packaged in a foil packet. To do this it was necessary to move from D-72 to Dektol in formulation. The developer had to survive mixing in all sorts of water except sea water.

The sequestrant was one of the first additions and after that it was necessary to learn how to mix HQ and Metol with the other ingredients and keep them from decomposing. This is a long hard process that involves essentially encapsulation or isolation of the various ingredients to prevent interaction. The developer is also made up under an inert atmosphere.

I have posted more details on this in a similar thread. This commentary keeps coming up. Everyone is curious. Let it be nted that D72 gives results that are identical to Dektol in contrast, Dmiin, Dmax, and speed. Capacity and longevity are another matter, and that is why I tested Liquidol against Dektol and not against D72.