There is an example posted here, but basically Liquidol has about 2x - 4x the capacity and tray life compared to Dektol. I have gotten usable results after 120 hours keeping in an open tray. Dektol is virtually dead by then. OTOH, I find that it does not do well at high temperatures. It is foggier than Dektol. That can be corrected by use of Bromide or BTAZ.

I forgot to add in the previous post that Dektol differs from D-72 in about 3 ingredients. One is the "stabilser" to permit the developing agents to be mixed with the other ingredients, the other is the sequestering agent(s), and the third is a "buffer" to improve tray and tank life. You might also say that the inert gas used to mix and pack it is an ingredient as well. I guess you could also say that about the mixing or blending method itself is unique.