Pardon the simi-flippant retort. Apply an even coat, what ever that coat needs to be. I do it dry, I like the dry, but thats me.

The "working" for me on platine is to make sure the coating is not sitting on the top of the paper but has penetrated and gives the surface of the paper a suede kind of look.

I apply it using a foam brush, I put enough on it to cover it well and knock off the leftovers by hitting the paper on its end. I get pretty good results, but it is certainly nothing I can rush. I coat the dry by brushing vertical all the way across then horizontally, then once more. I can see on the paper if it's even. Faint lines tell me if I have done it wrong where the brush edge has made contact too much.

I have yet one more thing to try, however, and will do it this weekend. I want to do an acid soak to compare the results of acid bath to FS. I will, if I have time, will do some step wedges and sensitometry.

Regardless, your print is awesome.