I haven't heard that Rodinal has any particular problem with Jobos. It has a minor cult following of 'diluted standists' - which may have lead to an inadvertent rumor that it can't be rolled. But the real question is "Have you had any problems?"

On the Pyro side, my experience has been that Jobo's with sheet film & spiral reels don't get along well with Pyro. Pyro is sensitive to agitation turbulence and there is quite a build up of density at the leading/trailing edges of the film. Rollo Pyro - which has a low rate of aerial oxidation - may be the best bet.

Working very well in Jobos of all sorts are D-76 (ID-11), HC-110 (forgot the Ilford equiv.) and Microdol-X (Perceptol(?)). But they are so unsexy, no cult following at all.