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[.... ]As to previous comments about light meters not reading IR, I don't think that's true. A 720nm filter placed over the sensor on my Luna Pro meters give readings within about 3 stops of unfiltered readings, so i expect that like digital sensors there is some IR sensitivity. At least that's been my experience.
I suspect you're correct and I also suspect it may vary a lot between different types of meters. The latest generation of IR films have such limited bandwidth that they are almost looking at visible wavelengths anyway.

As far as I know, most "alternate technology" cameras have IR attenuation filters on the sensors because the basic sensor has high IR sensitivity. I would expect to see different characteristics between selenium, CdS and silicon cell meters too. But in my opinion, there are so many variables working with IR -- first and foremost, we can't see it, so the "usual" intuitive adjustments are unavailable, and the amount of IR varies by season and time of day -- I don't see how a bit of testing and bracketing (at least in the first couple of passes) can be avoided. The suggestion of taking one shot unfiltered, on at least the first roll, to verify the basic workflow is also a worthy use of one frame!