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[where did the idea of] stains not working with continious atigation start?
I wasn't saying staining developers don't work in a Jobo.

What I, and others, have noticed is that (1) sheet film, (2) in spiral reels, (3) in a Jobo, (4) and with pyro/catachol developers develops more at the edges than in the middle - more so than with plain-ole D-76 & Co.. If you aren't doing (1), (2), (3) and (4) then this bit of anecdote is of no interest or use.

Also Pyro developers that oxidize quickly - ABC Pyro comes to mind - will develop terrific general (non-image) staining due to aerial oxidation caused by the constant minor turbulence [normally a very good thing] that goes on inside a spinning Jobo drum. That is the reason for Rollo Pyro with its addition of Ascorbic acid as both an anti-oxidant and a developing accelerator - Rollo develops in about 1/2 the time of traditional pyro formulations, 1/2 the time = 1/2 the general stain [or that is the theory].

PMK and P'Cat are also said to work well in a Jobo.