I have a total of 6 Contax RTS-2 bodies. Talking about GAS. I have had it.

Well, two of them are in perfect working order. A 3rd one was good when I got it but went bad not long after. Its shutter won't fire although mechanically it is fine. I can release the shutter by pressing the mechanical release button. So it is clearly an electronics problem. All other 3 have shutter problems. One has a derailed shutter, one with stuck shutter and the 3rd abnormal shutter operation. The first one I got is the one that has the electronics problem. I bought the 2nd with a problem thinking it could be used to fix the first. But it looked so good despite having a problem. I just could not tear it apart for the first one. I kept on looking for defective ones thinking it would be for repairing the previous. I ended up buying 6 total. Fortunately 2 of the 6 do not need any repair. I have had a lot of fun with them. I have a total of 7 Contax Zeiss lenses and really enjoyed the system.

Now I really want to fix the remaining 4. I will not be greedy in hoping I can get all 4 fixed. If I can fix 2 I will be plenty satisfied. So I will have plenty of parts from the two that I plan to sacrifice. I have taken apart the first one. The top and the bottom are off. THe mirror box along with the electronics modules are off too. I can attack the shutter mechanism any time now. Before I move on I would like to hear advices what to expect. There are broken parts so I will have to take apart the modules that have been separated. I will also need to make adjustments when the broken parts are swapped.

Any suggestions, tips? I have a service manual. But it is far from being complete and detailed enough for the repair of the camera. You see GAS is somewhat harmful. I have to have the RTS-2 fixed. AT least fix two of them.