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Can they do that in the EU? I thought companies were required to treat all EU nationals the same.
No one ever tell you the EU is something like a cross-over between the complete works of Kafka and Catch 22 by Heller?

Of course they can differentiate!!

Recently, on the news, I heard a farmer say that he was not doing anything illegal as long as no one was enforcing this specific law which stated that what he was doing was illegal. (viz. dumping chemical waste on farm land.)

I've heard farmers say more clever things, but what blew my mind was that the reporters and everyone else thought this was a normal and completely logical thing to say...

So what do we as viewers have to learn from this?: As long as a law is not enforced, it's not a law???

But I'm much diverted by your question. I was curious to know if my link was any good for Ole...