I was at a camera sale a few months ago. I had a Minolta Autocord, Rolleiflex Xenotar 2.8C, Fuji GW690, and Yashica D on the table. The guy next to me had a Hasselblad 500C/M, a Bronica ETR and SQ, and about a dozen Kodak Retinas (ok, yeah, 35mm, but great objects). Guess which one got all the attention, all the oohs and aaahhs?

the Yashica-D. Probably the lowest quality, lowest value of them all. But it had one thing the other cameras didn't have- shiny chrome parts.

People like shiny things.

Myself, the only time I have almost accosted someone on the street to ask about their camera? Mamiya 7. But that's because I haven't looked through one and I wonder if it would work for me.