i had used this t-grain film in the past but then it was discontinued. since I now live in Los Angeles I was in freestyle the other day and picked up a box of the 4x5 film. 50 sheets for $38 and change. loaded up and went out to make some 4x5 exposures.
I used the EDU200 at asa 125. it works very well at this speed. I already knew to lower the asa from previous use. I developed the film in xtol 1:1 and it made beautiful negatives. I also processed in pyrocat-mc 2:2:100 which I then used to make my first Albumen prints. The film made beautiful prints and I will post some of the results in the next few days. what else can I say except that I'm fortunate enough to take photos mostly in sunny conditions with little or no reciprocity. (what I'm trying to say is the reciprocity is probably not that great!) )overall a film like tmy400 is the cats meow but in the larger sizes along with availability (like 5x7) this film is definately worth trying.
have a great day everyone!!