Now, the crucial question is; are you expecting a perfect match? If yes, then it will probably be a bit difficult.

If minor shifts do not matter, just replace part C by 5 g/l of CD-4 and try it.

I was once in a pinch, when I had to develop some C-41 and part C had gone bad. I didn't even have CD-4 so I just poured in some CD-3. I expected usable images, but guess what, I got just "perfect" images. At least without side-to-side comparisons. They printed just fine with my normal starting filtration and normal contrast and didn't show any crossover or odd colors. There was a problem of CD-3 not dissolving in the prepared mix of parts A & B. It formed some gunk I just filtered away. Nevertheless, it worked. I'm not sure if the CD-4 would dissolve as-is, or if it needs to be first dissolved in water or some other solvent.