Not too long ago I was in a similar situation. I work at a high-volume photo lab and when they went all digital and stopped processing film I was given a 25 gallon kit of C-41 developer-replenisher with starter, and 12 or 25 gallon kits of bleach and fixer, I forget which sizes. I mixed up about 10 liters of developer and by the time that was used up I discovered the part C had gone bad, not from age as I had stored it in a full, glass jar but from reacting with some metal or something in the lid. It had corroded. So, knowing that part C is the developing agent I realized I could simply use CD-4 in its place as I have the article you mentioned on how to make a working solution developer with Hydroxylamine Sulfate and CD-4 instead of parts B and C (by Bertram Miller). My parts A and B seemed to be okay so all I needed to use was CD-4 which I happened to have on hand because I have experimented with home brew C-41 developer. So, based on the mixing directions for replenisher and working solutions and home brew recipes, I came up with mixing quantities for my own working solution:

Water 80-90 F 750ml
Starter 14ml
Part A 68 ml
Part B 8 ml
CD-4 5 grams
Water to make 1 liter

The results seem identical to the original developer.

I don't know what the mixing directions for your developer are but you should be able to figure out the quantities for a liter of working solution. Just remember to use 5 grams of CD-4 per liter along with your calculated parts A and B and starter. Hope this helps.